Zach Weller Assistant Professor

Office: Spruce Hall 24

Phone: (970) 491-6682


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  • PhD, Statistics, Colorado State University
  • BA, Mathematics, Concordia College (MN)


I work as a statistical consultant in the Graybill Statistics Laboratory. I am broadly interested in applied statistics for solving problems in and related to ecology, environmental health, energy, biology, wildlife management, animal science, and the environment. I am also interested in scientific communication, the intersection of science and policy, and statistics education.


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From unloading to trimming: studying bruising in individual slaughter cattleHelen Carter Kline, Zach Dennis Weller, Temple Grandin, Ryan Algino, Lily Nowell Edwards-Callaway Translational Animal Science, 3, 2020.
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Preliminary Exploration of the Accuracy of Visual Evaluation in Estimating Actual Bruise-Trim Weight of Beef CarcassesHelen Carter Kline, Keith Belk, Lily Nowell Edwards-Callaway, Ryan Algino, Temple Grandin, Zach Dennis Weller Meat and Muscle Biology, 1, 2020.
A nonparametric spectral domain test of spatial isotropyZachary D. Weller, Jennifer A. Hoeting JOURNAL OF STATISTICAL PLANNING AND INFERENCE, 2020.
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An open source algorithm to detect natural gas leaks from mobile methane survey dataZachary D. Weller, Duck Keun Yang, von Fischer, Joseph C. PLOS ONE, 2, 2019.
An open source algorithm to detect natural gas leaks from mobile methane survey dataZach Dennis Weller, Duck Keun Yang, Joe Charles von Fischer PLOS ONE, 2, 2019.