Welcome to the Department of Statistics at Colorado State University. Statistics is the science of inferring knowledge from data and describing uncertainty in those inferences. It plays a central role in scientific research, social policy, and governance. The Department of Statistics has a world-class record of success in education, research and service and has an out-sized impact on campus because of its engagement in educating students in all disciplines and interdisciplinary research.


Department Highlights

Wen Zhou Elected as ISI Member

Wen Zhou has been elected as a Elected Member of the ISI (International Statistical Institute, https://www.isi-web.org/), one of the oldest community of statisticians since 1885, due to his significant contributions to high dimension data analysis, machine learning, bioinformatics and computational biology. ISI Elected membership is dedicated to those who are established in their careers and have made significant contributions to the statistical profession. Several faculty members in the Department of Statistics at CSU have already been elected as the Elected Member of the ISI. Much of Zhou’s work focuses on high-dimensional inference, multivariate time series and factor model, robust inference, and statistical machine learning, particularly with applications in statistical genomics, bioinformatics, quantitative linguistics, and econometrics. The problems of high-dimensional statistical inference have become acute with the explosion of high-throughput sequencing data: an example problem is determining differential expression of genes in a library of size 10,000 based on only a few replicate reads under each experimental condition. The model for each gene’s expression under each condition requires a set of parameters, so that the parametric dimension of the problem is huge and may exceed the sample size. Statistical approaches to these problems require novel methodological developments to handle the large scale, and new theoretical approaches to ensure essential properties like power to detect true discoveries and control on the rate of false discoveries. Zhou pays careful attention to developing these methods and theories under weak technical assumptions, so that the methods are valid under realistic conditions that are biologically relevant. He also ensures that his methods are computationally efficient and available to practitioners through easy-to-use software.
“‘Dr. Zhou has made significant contributions to the statistical profession through his research, teaching and services,” said Dr. Yehua Li, a professor of statistics at University of California, Riverside, “Dr. Zhou has proven himself as a valuable member of the international statistical society.”
Also, according to Dr. Jean Opsomer, an Elected Member of the ISI and the former head of the Department of Statistics at CSU, Equally important, he is actively collaborating with researchers in biology and biochemistry who are performing genomics analyses, to ensure that they are using the state-of-the-art statistical methods in this rapidly evolving field and that their results are statistically valid.”
Congratulations Wen!


Statistics Department's Bailey Fosdick and Alex Fout Assist with Mitigation Surveillance of COVID-19 Spread

Colorado State University has a long history of investigating infectious disease outbreaks and is known for research exploring the complex interplay of pathogens, disease vectors, and the ecosystems in which transmissions occur. CSU is focused on translation of those findings into practical solutions used by farmers, pet owners, and patients. Read more here.

Setting the Stage: Statistical Collaboration Training Videos

Training students in the art of effective statistical collaboration is essential for their applied statistics education. Challenging situations can arise in collaborations that are necessary to discuss before they occur. Julia Sharp (CSU Associate Professor), Emily Griffith (NCSU Research Associate Professor), and Megan Higgs (Critical Inference LLC and CSU Alumni), with help from Ann Hess (CSU Associate Professor), received support from the American Statistical Association Member Initiative program to create a set of 10 short videos illustrating challenging and salient topics of communication for training in statistical collaboration. Scenarios portrayed in the videos convey realistic statistical collaboration encounters.  The 10 videos and accompanying materials can be used in training future statistical collaborators.  The videos can be found here.


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Student Organized Activities and Research Seminars (SOARS) exists to encourage community and scholarship among graduate students in the statistics department and more broadly at Colorado State University.

See the SOARS website and full calendar of upcoming events here.

Department News

Department of Statistics develops interdisciplinary course in R for all students needing data analysis skills

This online course is meant to give students in all majors applicable, hands-on skills in data analysis and to prepare them for highly analytical upper division courses.

Statistics professor honored for expertise in object-oriented data analysis

Haonan Wang’s creativity and research excellence recently earned him election as a Fellow of the American Statistical Association, the world’s largest community of statisticians.

Data science program welcomes three new faculty

Nate Blanchard, Andee Kaplan and Emily King are helping lay a foundation of growth for CSU’s data science program.

By storing ‘sketches’ of data, computer scientists seek to transform urban systems

A research team is developing a system for streamlining and managing vast datasets that could advance research in urban sustainability.