Welcome to the Department of Statistics at Colorado State University. Statistics is the science of inferring knowledge from data and describing uncertainty in those inferences. It plays a central role in scientific research, social policy, and governance. The Department of Statistics has a world-class record of success in education, research and service and has an out-sized impact on campus because of its engagement in educating students in all disciplines and interdisciplinary research.


Department Highlights

Ander Wilson an author on the Best Environmental Epidemiology Paper Award

Ander Wilson, Assistant Professor in the Statistics department, was recently recognized as one of the authors of a paper which received the Best Environmental Epidemiology Paper Award. The paper is titled Acute Air Pollution Exposure and the Risk of Violent Behavior in the United States by Jesse D Berman, Jesse Burkhardt,  Jude Bayham, Ellison Carter, and Ander Wilson. See the paper here (scroll down to the BEEP Award). Congratulations Ander!

New Course Development by Ben Prytherch

Statistic Department’s Ben Prytherch and Professor Matt Ross (Ecosystem Science and Sustainability) received a $20,000 Digital Learning Initiative grant from the Provost’s office to develop three 1-credit, online delivered, freely accessible R courses.  The courses are currently being developed by Statistics students Alex Fout, Connor Gibbs, and Kathleen Wendt (PhD student in HDFS).  The purpose is to serve students and faculty across the university who are teaching or taking classes that involve data analysis using R.  They found that many instructors have been teaching R to their students as a component of their courses.  This creates extra work for instructors and a steeper learning curve for students.  These courses will allow faculty to direct their students to a high-quality set of training materials that will be accessible at any time, regardless of whether students are enrolled, and will free up time in their own classes to teach subject matter instead of teaching coding.

Daniel Mork wins College Outstanding Scholar Award

Statistics PhD Student Daniel Mork won the College of Natural Sciences Outstanding Scholar Award. Dan was one of four awardees from the College of Natural Sciences at the 2020 Graduate Student Showcase. Daniel presented his research that focuses on developing new statistical methods to estimate how maternal exposures to environmental chemicals during pregnancy influence birth outcomes. This is joint work with his thesis advisor Ander Wilson.

Grant Awarded to Andee Kaplan

The goal of this project is to develop a major methodological advancement in the Bayesian entity resolution literature with the extension of current work on streaming record linkage. The new work will allow for a data scenario where duplicates exist within a database (de-duplication) rather than being restricted to duplicates across databases (record linkage). We use recursive Bayes ideas to have near real time updates as more data becomes available (i.e., the streaming context).

Streaming Record Linkage for Online Data Deduplication (North Carolina State University Laboratory for Analytic Sciences). PI: Kaplan and Betancourt ($130,351.57; CSU: $90,623.57). Calendar Year 2021

Congratulations to our CNS Award Winners

Congratulations to our very own Department of Statistics CNS Award winners! Faculty member Jana Anderson won the Faculty Excellence in Graduate Teaching and/or Mentoring Award. Ph.D. student Alex Fout won the Graduate Student Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching and/or Mentoring Award.

Congratulations Jana and Alex!


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Student Organized Activities and Research Seminars (SOARS) exists to encourage community and scholarship among graduate students in the statistics department and more broadly at Colorado State University.

See the SOARS website and full calendar of upcoming events here.

Department News

Undergraduate Students dive into Sports Analytics

As technological advances yield complex data such as motion tracking, professional teams are turning to sports analytics to gain a competitive advantage over their adversaries.

Department of Statistics Faculty and Students Partner with Local Public Health Officials during Pandemic

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in spring 2020, public health experts increasingly sought statisticians for their expertise.

Department of Statistics develops interdisciplinary course in R for all students needing data analysis skills

This online course is meant to give students in all majors applicable, hands-on skills in data analysis and to prepare them for highly analytical upper division courses.

Statistics professor honored for expertise in object-oriented data analysis

Haonan Wang’s creativity and research excellence recently earned him election as a Fellow of the American Statistical Association, the world’s largest community of statisticians.