Welcome to the Department of Statistics at Colorado State University.

Statistics provides the reasoning and the methods for producing and understanding data; it is the science of learning from data. It includes designing experiments or sampling surveys for the collection of data, collecting the information, evaluating it, drawing conclusions, and presenting the results.

Statisticians work with people from other professional backgrounds to solve practical problems. Statisticians can provide crucial guidance in determining what information is reliable and which predictions can be trusted. This diversity of application is an exciting aspect of the field, and is one reason for continuing strong demand for well-trained statisticians.




STAT Alliance Student Organization

STAT Alliance Student Organization

Advising & Statistics Success Center

Advising & Statistics Success Center


First data science major in the region launched by CSU

The world now runs on big data – and data scientist is the top-rated job in the U.S. To help the state and the world meet this growing demand, CSU has launched a new major in data science.

Statistics Success Center offers walk-in help for students

Located in the Statistics Building, the center provides free statistics help almost every day of the week.

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