Leadership Team

Kirsten Eilertson

Piotr Kokoszka

Mary Meyer

Ben Prytherch

Awards & Scholarships Committee

The primary responsibility of this committee is to nominate faculty and students for external, university, college and departmental awards.

Piotr Kokoszka

Chenlu Shi


The committee is primarily responsible for updating the department website and social network accounts.

Piotr Kokoszka (Chair)

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

The committee considers issues related to diversity, equity and inclusion in the statistics department. It interfaces with the college, university, and professional organizations on DEI initiatives and activities.

Ben Shaby (Chair)

Andee Kaplan

Kayleigh Keller

Tianjian Zhou

Graduate Committee

Graduate Committee handles all issues related to the MS/PhD program, except admissions and issues that require vote of the whole graduate faculty.

Mary Meyer (Chair)

Piotr Kokoszka

Wen Zhou

MAS and Applied Graduate Statistics Committee

The committee is concerned with the MAS program as well as online and campus-wide applied statistics education offered to non-statistics graduate students, including graduate certificates.

Kirsten Eilertson (Chair)

Yungpeng Zhao

Tianjian Zhou

Undergraduate Committee

The Committee handles all issues related to the undergraduate program (majors and minors in Statistics and Data Science, excluding service courses) that do not require vote of all faculty.

Piotr Kokoszka (Chair)

Kirsten Eilertson

Ben Prytherch


This committee organizes departmental seminars, and seeks input from faculty and PhD students on potential seminar speakers.

Yawen Guan

Tianying Wang