On the following dates a Statistics Department seminar will be held in Wagar 133 at 12pm. We will also be streaming the seminars via zoom this semester at the link below. We hope to see you there!

All meetings are on scheduled Mondays at 12pm MST    –    Zoom Meeting ID: 842 2453 6081     –     Passcode: 636015

Fall 2021 Departmental Seminars

Nov 1: Jessica Miller, Colorado State University Psychology Department – Abstract

Oct 18: Jeffrey Miller, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health – Abstract

Oct 4: Kai Zhang, UNC – Abstract

Sept 20: Hongyuan Cao, Florida State University – Abstract


Spring 2021 Departmental Seminars

March 15: Naitee Ting, U of Connecticut – Abstract

March 22: Jeff Morris, U of Pennsylvania – Abstract

March 29: James Scott, UT Austin – Abstract

April 5: Catherine (Kate) Calder, UT Austin – Abstract

April 19: Erin Schliep, U of Missouri – Abstract

May 3: Dan Nordman, Iowa State – Abstract

Preliminary Exams & Ph.D. Defenses

*If you are interested in attending a preliminary defense or Ph.D. defense virtually, please email us at to get the zoom link.


May 19, 2021: Daniel Mork, PhD Defense – 10am

May 14: Xiaoming Xu, Ph D Defense – 11am

May 12, 2021: Mihyun Kim, PhD Defense – 2pm

April 26: Alex Fout, Preliminary Exam – 1pm

December 1: Lauren Hoskovec, Preliminary Exam – 2pm

November 30: Jeongjin Lee, Preliminary Exam – 3pm

October 16: Nehali Mhatre, Preliminary Exam

October 6: Lucy Lu, Preliminary Exam

August 13: Dan Mork, Preliminary Exam

July 3: Teng Liu, PhD Defense

June 29: Lyuou Zhang, PhD Defense

March 10: Meng Cao, Defense, 9:00am Statistics 008

December 17: Jiarui Chi, Preliminary Exam, 1:00pm STAT 008

October 30: Jialuo Liu, Defense 1:30pm STAT 008

October 28: Sunil Butler, Defense 2:30pm Weber 223H

October 22: Andy Sleeper, Defense 3pm STAT 008

October 21: Frank Marrs, Defense 12pm STAT 008

October 9: Hieu Nguyuen, Defense 11am Weber 223H

June 25: Grace Ivins, Defense 10am Weber 223H

April 4: Mihyun Kim, Preliminary Exam, 10am, STAT 008

March 15: Joshua Hewitt, Ph.D. Defense 1pm Weber 223H – Statistical Modeling and Computing for Climate Data

March 13: Charlie Vollmer, Defense 10am, LSC 306

Feb 5: Xin Chen, Preliminary Exam 10am Weber 223H

Nov 14: Teng Liu, Preliminary Exam 12pm Weber 223