On the following dates a Statistics Department seminar will be held in Wagar 232 at 12pm. We hope to see you there!

Spring 2020 Departmental Seminars

Mar 2:  Amy Willis (Washington)


Fall 2019 Departmental Seminars

Sept 9: Welcome Seminar

Sept 16: Alex Kaizer (CU Anschutz)

Sept 23: Marina Vannucci (Rice)

Sept 30: Peng Liu (Iowa State)

Oct 7: Gaofeng Jia (CSU Engineering)

Oct 14:  Kean Ming Tan (Michigan)

Oct 28:  Cory Zigler (UT Austin)

Nov 4: Matthew Avery (Institute for Defense Analysis)

Nov 15: Stephanie Santorico ( UC Denver) FRIDAY – Rockwell West 105, 12pm

Preliminary Exams & Ph.D. Defenses

October 6: Lucy Lu, Preliminary Exam

August 13: Dan Mork, Preliminary Exam

July 3: Teng Liu, PhD Defense

June 29: Lyuou Zhang, PhD Defense

March 10: Meng Cao, Defense, 9:00am Statistics 008

December 17: Jiarui Chi, Preliminary Exam, 1:00pm STAT 008

October 30: Jialuo Liu, Defense 1:30pm STAT 008

October 28: Sunil Butler, Defense 2:30pm Weber 223H

October 22: Andy Sleeper, Defense 3pm STAT 008

October 21: Frank Marrs, Defense 12pm STAT 008

October 9: Hieu Nguyuen, Defense 11am Weber 223H

June 25: Grace Ivins, Defense 10am Weber 223H

April 4: Mihyun Kim, Preliminary Exam, 10am, STAT 008

March 15: Joshua Hewitt, Ph.D. Defense 1pm Weber 223H – Statistical Modeling and Computing for Climate Data

March 13: Charlie Vollmer, Defense 10am, LSC 306

Feb 5: Xin Chen, Preliminary Exam 10am Weber 223H

Nov 14: Teng Liu, Preliminary Exam 12pm Weber 223H