Statistics is the science of collection, organization, analysis, and explanation of data. The field offers many opportunities for people who enjoy interpreting the world in quantitative ways using numbers, surveys, and computers. In this field, methods are developed and used to explain quantitative patterns observed in the social, physical, and natural sciences and in business and industry.

The methods of probability and statistics have become essential tools in almost every walk of life in industry, business, medicine, computer science, economics, environmental studies, psychology, wildlife biology and fisheries, sociology, meteorology – the list seems never ending. These are exciting times for our discipline since probability and statistics are playing an increasingly crucial role in the advancement of science and technology.

Departmental Application Process

Thank you for your interest in Colorado State University and the Department of Statistics!


The application deadline for the M.S./Ph.D. program in Statistics is January 15th.

Students are required to supply all college transcripts, GRE scores, three letters of recommendation, resume, and a statement of purpose. International students must also supply a test of English mastery such as the TOEFL. For assistance, or questions in regards to your  TOEFL or GRE scores please email the graduate school at