Thank you for your interest in applying to our MS/PhD program in Statistics!  

We accept students with a wide range of undergraduate majors.  However, applicants should have adequate mathematical and statistical training to enter our program.  Three semesters of calculus and a course in linear algebra are required.  Additionally, a proof-based course in undergraduate analysis or advanced calculus is required.  Experience in upper-division statistics courses and knowledge of a computer programming language is useful. Please know that our program is very competitive.  Each year we receive well over 100 applications for approximately 8-10 slots in our MS/PhD program.  Each year’s pool of applications is reviewed by the Graduate Admissions Committee.  Individual professors do not accept students to work with them and do not make admissions decisions.

Students are required to supply all college transcripts, GRE scores, three letters of recommendation, resume, and a statement of purpose. International students must also supply a test of English mastery such as the TOEFL. For assistance, or questions in regards to your  TOEFL or GRE scores please email the graduate school at

The MS/PhD program is a deferred fee program.  This means that applicants do not have to pay an initial application fee, but it does mean that applying to our program proceeds in two steps.

Step 1:  The applicant should upload application materials including unofficial transcripts and fill out the application form.  The Graduate Admissions Committee reviews applications, makes recommendations for admission, and contacts those students who have been recommended.

Step 2:  The Colorado State University’s Graduate School officially admits students to all graduate programs.  The Graduate School requires official transcripts and the application fee for a student to be admitted. Once the student’s application is complete, the Statistics Department works with the Graduate School to make official admission offers.

Departmental Application Process

The application deadline for the M.S./Ph.D. program in Statistics is January 15th.