The Graduate Certificate in Data Analysis (GCDA) is designed for students who need a solid background in data analysis using modern software. It is intended for professionals or graduate students in diverse fields seeking a short-term program that will strengthen their statistical skills. Those responsible for organizing and analyzing complex data, regardless of what industry, will benefit from this data analysis training. They will discover how to analyze designed experiments, present statistical analysis in tabular and graphical form, communicate results using various data presentation formats to a variety of stakeholders with varying levels of technical skill, and use R software for statistical analysis. Some electives may use additional software such as SAS. In addition, students will learn about appropriate data collection methods and data mining techniques.

This certificate consists of four credits from the STAR course offerings and six credits of elective courses. The GCDA is available both online and on campus. Please allow three semesters (Fall/Spring) to complete this certificate. This certificate does not lead into the Master of Applied Statistics program.

Select 4 credits from the following:

STAR courses 500-549*

Course Number Course Title Credits

Select 6 credits from the following:

Course Number Course Title Credits
STAR courses 500-549* Varies
ANEQ 565 Interpreting Animal Science Research 3
CIS 575* Applied Data Mining & Analytics in Business 3
CIVE 547 Statistics for Environmental Monitoring 3
CIVE 622 Risk Analysis of Water/Environmental Systems 3
ERHS 535 R Programming for Research 3
ESS 575 Models for Ecological Data 4
NR 512 Spatial Statistical Modeling-Natural Resources 3
Program Total Credits 10

*Available online

STAR courses fill very quickly.  Early registration is strongly encouraged.

Students should start with STAR 511 as it is a prerequisite for many of the electives.

Use of STAR electives is encouraged.  We cannot guarantee availability of courses from other departments.

Program Prequisites

  • college algebra
  • at least one undergraduate statistics course

Program Costs

  • Application processing fee is $60 ($70 for international students).
  • On-campus tuition rates can be found here. Tuition rates are different for residents and non-residents of Colorado.
  • Online tuition is $811 per credit. Current online tuition information can be found here.
  • Textbook costs will vary.

The GCDA is at the graduate level, requiring students to have already obtained a bachelor’s degree. Formal admission is required for students to pursue this certificate. Please contact Alex Peitsmeyer for questions regarding the application process.

Applications will be considered for each semester with the following deadlines: May 1 for Summer, July 1 for Fall and December 1 for Spring.

For students enrolled in other CSU graduate degree programs (ex: MS or PhD program in another department), we encourage you to complete STAR 511 prior to applying for the certificate. However, you should apply to the program before completing all graduate certificate requirements listed above.