Academic Progress and Deadlines for MS Students

As a department, we support our MS students for the duration of their time at CSU subject to satisfactory academic progress in the program.

Graduate students in the MS Program are limited to a maximum of four academic semesters of Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) support. Summer support does not count towards the limit.

All MS students are required to attend the department seminar every semester.

Year 1

  1. All first-year MS students are advised by the graduate director until they find a faculty advisor for their PhD dissertation work.
  2. All MS students must take STAT520/530 sequence, STAT540/640 sequence, STAT501.
  3. MS students should take an additional elective course listed on the MS Requirements page. This elective could be STAT620 which provides a theoretical background for the PhD sequence STAT720/730. MS students who are not pursuing a PhD and who would like more practical training can choose an alternate elective.
  4. MS students need to take STAT555 in their first year. STAT555 is not required for PhD Students who do not wish to receive a MS degree en route to their PhD
  5. MS students pursuing the Exam option must take the DCR exams and have them evaluated for meeting the exam option of the MS degree.
  6. MS students pursuing the project option should discuss project options with potential advisors and are strong recommended to begin work on their project in the summer after the first year.

Year 2

  1. MS students who are pursuing the project option must have an MS advisor and committee by the end of the fall semester.
  2. Students should enroll in STAT 556 in the fall semester.
  3. MS students must complete coursework requirements by the spring semester.
  4. MS students are expected to complete their degree by the end of the summer of their second year. Students that anticipate graduating after this date must seek permission of the Graduate Committee.(link to page on requesting continued funding).

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